Automatic applicators in  a dedicated machine, ARATAPER TA 130, or in existing folder gluers


ARATAPER High speed tape applicator

  • Control Systems and brackets for integration into existing folder gluers
  • Application of tapes and tear strips from 4-30 mm width and from 30 mm length
  • Speeds up to 30-40 000 tapings/Hr.
  • Quality control system with high speed camera as option
  • Quick tape width and cut off length change
  •  Very accurate, fast and safe
  • Combinations with blank turning stations
  • Application of reinforcement tapes and carrying (tape) handles
  • Saves set up times, saves tape, do not spoil printing if applied in Corrugator or Laminator
  • 1-6 applicators in one machine
  • Wifi connection for service, control and production planning
  • Option: Hotmelt application+ Siliconized Release Liner application


ARATAPER TA130 dedicated machine with twin lanes

Fingerlift tape with extended fingerlift edge

E-Commerce boxes in smaller series with customers own print is now possible.

Tape control with tape count

Tape camera control (option)

E-Trade boxes have these types of tapes. Different combinations depending on the specific box type.

System for application of hotmelt+ siliconized release paper liner.

Watch 2 intakes for tear strip and double sided tape.

Watch an application in Jagenberg Diana 70-2 at over 150 M/Min

Watch the servo driven large spool tape roll


Watch a narrow box first being glued and folded and then the tape is applied. The glue flap is folded on the right side.

Arataper installed onto a semi automatic machine

Watch a taping for back support

Watch taping in a Fidia Combi

Watch a semi automatic machine with 3 applicator of double sided tape


Arataper TA130 dedicated machine with up to 6 tape applicators- watch the machine run

Arataper TA130 Side Stacking for easier Transfer to Feeder of Folder Gluer

Arataper TA130 quick set up of feeder and side register from double B-Flute to N -Flute

Arataper TA130 – trial working as a hot melt gluer (test without glue application)