Automatic applicators in  a dedicated machine, ARATAPER TA 130, or in existing folder gluers

Arataper- high speed taper applicator

  • Control Systems and brackets for integration into existing folder gluers
  • Application of tapes and tear strips from 4-30 mm width and from 30 mm length
  • Speeds up to 30-40 000 tapings/Hr.
  • Quality control system with high speed camera as option
  • Quick tape width and cut off length change
  •  Very accurate, fast and safe
  • Application of reinforcement tapes and carrying (tape) handles
  • Saves set up times, saves tape, do not spoil printing if applied in Corrugator or Laminator
  • 1-6 applicators in one machine
  • Wifi connection for service, control and production planning
  • E-Commerce boxes in smaller series with customers own print is now possible.
  • Reduce counterfeiting by using your own designed box

ARATAPER TA130 dedicated machine with twin lanes

Tape control with tape count

Tape camera control (option)

Watch an application in Jagenberg Diana 70-2 at over 150 M/Min

Watch 2 fingerlift tape + 1 tear strip on the top flap and
one reinforcement/securing tape at bottom flap

Watch the difference without and with a reinforcment tape
in the bottom on this E-flute box.

Arataper running thin paper in a semi automatic machine

Watch taping in a Fidia Combi

Arataper TA130 dedicated machine high speed test with alignment

Arataper TA130 Side Stacking for easier Transfer to Feeder of Folder Gluer

Arataper TA130 – trial working as a hot melt gluer (test without glue application)

As an option, this machine can also, at lower speed,  run lock bottom with back alignment.
An additional glue system is required and some other additional equipment.

Running of a Carton for medical samples and home usage.

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