Arapak list of used converting machinery – updated daily

We sell folder gluers, die cutters and other machines, overhauled and tested so being in a good working condition.

The list is compiled with newest entries on top and in reference number order.
Used folder gluers and die cutters

In addition used die cutters, used laminators and many more used carton and corrugated converting machines.
Faltschachtelklebemaschinen, Plegadora-Encoladora, Pegadora, Katlama Yapıştırma, Składarko Sklejarki, Skládačky lepičky,

Automata Ragasztógép, Masina de lipit cutii, Coladeira de Cartucho, Engomadora, Plieuses-Colleuses, Фальцевально-склеивающие машины, بيع كارتون المصمغ الطي
We are specialists in Jagenberg Diana, Bobst, Omega folder gluers, Vega and Grassi used folder gluers.
We also sell Bobst die cutter, troqueladoras, contraencoladoras

Please note, that we have access to more machines than showed here. Always ask!
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ARATAPER – New Applicator for double sided tape (ref. 9526)

Lamina 1620 Blackline from 2012 (ref. 9574)

Crosland TYA 108 hand platen from 1956 (ref. 9573)

Lamina semi automatic hot melt gluer 2200 with Working station from 2008 (ref. 9572)

Heiber+Schroeder Window Patcher Type WP3 1990 (ref. 9571)

Jagenberg Diana 105-2 folder gluer, 1988 (ref. 9570)

Strapex Legamatic RTS 1.4 automatic bundle strapper (ref. 9569)

Fidia Combi Unica folder gluer from 2003 (ref. 9567)

Autobox Hipak 2600, 1998 (ref. 9565)

Lunex 1600 semi automatic taping machine from 2018 (1999) (ref. 9556)

Manual corner stitcher for Corrugated boxes, Josef Kihlberg 1994 (ref. 9552)

Semi automatic taper 3M approx Year 200 (ref. 9551)

Lamina 1400 Glue +Working station, 2001 (ref. 9550)

Grafopel hydraulic book binding press Oleodin (ref. 9538)

Italdibipack heat sealer MEC PAC SM + shrink tunnel (REF. 9518)

Weigh Filler from Organpak with Mettler Toledo, approx. 1976 (ref. 9515)

Weigh Filler from Organpak, approx. 1970 (ref. 9514)

Autobox Hipak 2675AF, 2014 (ref. 9512)

Jagenberg Diana 70-2 folder gluer, 1992 (ref. 9509)

Cartostrip pneumatic stripping tool, 2016 , New demo (ref. 9465)

Strapex manual strapper (ref. 9455)

Wilton sealer case strapper EXS 700 , 1996 (REF. 9446)

Bluebird Hawk packer sealer, 350×330 , approx. 1990 (ref. 9445)

Jopevi Eyelet machine, 2000 (ref. 9441)

Vickers-Armstrong wire stitcher 230, 196x (ref.9438)

Autobond SD 76 Laminator 1991 (ref. 9435)

Bobst Easyfeeder 56, 1992 (ref. 9415)

Endoline Taper (after folder gluer), (ref. 9405)

Rotek 900 pallett inverter, 1989 (9170)

OMM laminating line 2004 (ref 9147)